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Hotels and Accomodations

Page history last edited by PBworks 13 years, 2 months ago

Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge - $239



Holiday Inn Express Brooklyn - $189



SoHotel - $179


Local Brooklynites and NYers, please add your couch here if you have one to offer!


  • If you don't mind sleeping on the floor or roof, anyone is welcome to crash at my place for free.  Unfortunately the 2 couches and the futon are already spoken for.  If you are planning to sleep on the floor or roof, bring a sleeping bag because I don't have any extra bedding.  - Adam Quirk 


  • Faux Press' Indoor North Jersey Campspace

I've got a few WWII Army cots and an air mattress available in my indoor campspace. S. Kirkpatrick is staying here. I've got bedding for 3, towels, and a sleeping bag.


North Jersey is 27 miles from Quirk.


I've got a projector set up for off-hours screenings.


Hopefully you can tolerate cigarette smoke.


Call: 862.221.5280

Skype: janmclaughlin

AIM: janofsound

Email: jannie.jan@gmail.com



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